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Connecting with us is the first step for a new outlook on your web journey!

Looking for a new web site? Something Stylish? Something Flashy? Something Simple, E-Commerce, Fitness, Consulting, Rentals,Real Estate, or just a personal site to blog with? We have helped 1000’s of people just like you to get started with a site of their own. We are Secure WordPress Hosting Provider, why WordPress you ask? It is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy on the wallet/pocketbook. We use state of the art programs that install, update and update your Secure WordPress Hosting site so you do not have to worry about being a tech head or a Security Specialist we do it for you to give you peace of mind.


Here at The Web Geeks we believe in the one on one approach to getting you started with a site, we take the time to listen to you and answer any questions you may have about it, there are no questions that are too “dumb” or “waste our time” because if it is important to you it’s important to us to give you the information you need to make the right decision or have the right understanding. We believe knowledge is power and we want to empower you with the right answers.


At The Web Geeks we are not looking for a “Quick Buck”, we are looking for long term committed business relationship with you, most of our customers have been with us for 5 years or more, we have some that have been with us 15 years. The internet is a fast growing entity changing everyday and you need someone on your team looking out for your best interest and not just the bottom line. We keep up with the latest trends and keep you informed about how it may affect you, our once a month newsletter The Web Geeks Prospective.


The Web Geek’s Perspective newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest news about WordPress, tips tricks, internet trends, how to’s we believe learning is a ongoing affair with your mind to keep it sharp. We will keep you up to date for server maintenance and introduce you to new clients. We think of all our clients as extended family, would you like to have a product or service from a extended family member that you can trust? We all would and what we are all about here at The Web Geeks. So take the first and contacting us and if we can’t do it we will point you in the right direction. Personal blogs starting at $59 a year! so what are you waiting for?


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